This section is contains some of my ideas on Software, Networks and Telecommunications. I may expand it to cover Intellectual Property and other topics over time.

In the past, I maintained a number of articles on Anycast, Linux QoS and its integration with firewalling, etc. Over the years most of these have suffered from Bitrot and have fallen in disrepair. That is expected as the industry skills required to maintain these in a "non-packaged" form have decreased.

For example, while it was never particularly common, anycast was well known solution to a number of HA and geographical distribution problems in the Internet industry. From being in the "well known, but scares the bejesus out of me" category, it is now in the realm of esoteric, making me remove the dark arts article on how to use it.

DIY QoS on Linux is in a similar state - there are Qdiscs which have been buggy for the last 10 years with no fix in sight. Anyone using it does not get anywhere near low-level and uses prepackaged solutions like OpenWRT QoS scirpts (that mostly works). So, as a result, I have taken the decision to remove them from this website, leaving only things I work on so they are reasonably current and up to date.



Commercial and Off-The-Shelf IoT


I am a great believers in eating our own dog (or cat) food. All of the ideas in the articles are backed up by actual code which is either in the process of going into the relevant projects or is already there.