Debian just made me feel like shouting "get yer scooters off my Lawn whippersnappers"

Feeling old this week? Dunno about you, I do. I just upgraded my desktop which doubles up as the house server to Debian buster. Result - classic case of dinosaur blues.

By the look of it nobody tests the key components which you would use in a classic "old style" network: NIS, NFS and Autofs. All of them are either broken or miss key features. As a result, instead of having the usual relatively smooth Debian upgrade experience I ended up troubleshooting bugs for a couple of days.

In order of severity:

System-logind unable to fetch User ID and Group IDs resulting in all kinds of minor breakage here and there - lightdm screen locking, etc. Root cause - someone developing systemd decided that it does not need any network connectivity. Well, it does - that's how it interacts with a directory service.

NFSv4 caching completely broken resulting in potential data loss.

TCP wrappers dropping broadcasts for NIS server discovery, resulting in NIS server(s) ignoring the nis clients.

NIS upgrade scripts not working so you need to do manual workaround.

Even once of these can bring lots of joy on upgrade. All of them... Fun... Fun... Fun...

Thankfully, they can be worked around by using nscd and switching to nfsv3.