Another day, another DIY IoT on Raspberry Pi

I have this on one of my other blogs:

I finally have my Raspberry Pi driving an aircon. I have it for Olimpia Dolcheclima HP10.

A lot of this will apply to any other Aircon which uses the all-in-one remote control semantics


Idle, Idle, "Lovely" Idle on Ryzen CPUs

It looks like I have finally found the root cause of the Ryzen instabilities I have had with my 6 core Ryzens.

It is this:

Transmeta Crusoe, 20 years later

There is a saying: Oldies, but Goldies. 20 years ago Transmeta was clearly onto something. When we look back at what they achieved with THAT technology one can only wonder on how would the computing landscape look today if Intel did not use anything and everything in its anticompetitive armoury to kill it.

Another day, another Debian buster upgrade gremlin

Buster just made my life interesting again. My asterisk install lost TLS. The only message was tcptls.c failing to load the cert at line 441. No reason, nothing. Just no TLS.

Debian bug 941011:

Debian just made me feel like shouting "get yer scooters off my Lawn whippersnappers"

Feeling old this week? Dunno about you, I do. I just upgraded my desktop which doubles up as the house server to Debian buster. Result - classic case of dinosaur blues.

By the look of it nobody tests the key components which you would use in a classic "old style" network: NIS, NFS and Autofs. All of them are either broken or miss key features. As a result, instead of having the usual relatively smooth Debian upgrade experience I ended up troubleshooting bugs for a couple of days.

In order of severity:

Humour of the day

Something to cheered me up while looking at some web API drivel this morning

Very, Wery appropriate. Reminds me of the RFC8040 implementation of ODL a while back.